Gene testing for ability to digest starches

See my first post about DNA testing here. So… I’ve completed the training and can now arrange DNA testing for my clients for the AMY1 gene. My first client is – Me! I took a cheek swab, have couriered the kit and will have the results in 2-3 weeks. Why is it so important to know the answer? For decades, the prevailing nutritional wisdom was that dietary fat was bad, and saturated fat especially was […]

Use genetic profiling to SAVE YOUR LIFE, lose WEIGHT and get FIT

The right analysis of your 23andme or other DNA profiles can give you valuable health insights. Everybody seems to be doing a 23andme or other DNA test at the moment, and I’m as keen as the next person. But I’ve just found a DNA test I want even more. I went to an intro evening about it the other night, and I’m excited. I can see the potential for myself, my family and my clients […]