Another self help tip for Christmas stress

An email arrived in my Inbox this morning from The Tapping Solution, featuring one of Jessica Ortner’s guided tapping sessions. It got me thinking again about the people who find Christmas difficult for various reasons, and how tapping along with a recorded EFT session would be helpful. So I’ve visited YouTube and dug a few out that might be relevant for this time of year. This first one is by Brad Yates. I’ve long been […]

Christmas stress or busy-ness getting you wound up? How I can help.

Just under two weeks till Christmas and the pace is picking up. Shopping, cooking, trying to do half a year’s work before Xmas or worrying about how the family will be on the day? Or feeling low because Christmas isn’t going to be how you want it? I’ve still got a few times available before Christmas where we could explore some techniques that can help you relax and get to a more joyful holiday state. Up till […]