Using Kinergetics to help chronic pain and illness – Special Offer

Do you suffer from chronic pain or fatigue, allergies or sensitivities, an autoimmune or other chronic condition?

I’ve just done six days advanced Kinergetics training with Philip Rafferty, its originator.

His mission is to get as many Kinergetics practitioners as possible using his new protocol for chronic pain and illness. He has been using it extensively over the last year or so, with incredible results – results that other practitioners are not seeing.


He has long been a fan of good hydration and adequate magnesium levels, and addressing these are amongst the first Kinergetics balances that he teaches. He has also done a lot of work on trauma, and it was bringing them together that has enabled him to help so many people.

The first two days concentrated on balancing at a spiritual level.

The next two days concentrated in trauma. By Sunday night we were all in a fairly relaxed state. By 12.03am Monday morning, we were all back in a stressed state after the M7.8 earthquake. But by going back over what we’d just learnt, we were all back in balance in a couple of hours.

Yes, that does mean we went back to class on Monday after the shake up. Philip might not be back in NZ for a few years and we didn’t want to miss anything. Besides we wanted to get back together, so we could balance each other up again!

The rest of Monday and Tuesday was spent looking at how all the balances we’d learnt go together to form a complete protocol for addressing chronic pain and illness. And of course, more practice!

This doesn’t mean a person can have a few balances and be all ok. Supporting the work with the appropriate lifestyle or nutrition changes is absolutely vital.

We had a couple of people in the class with autoimmune diseases. Although they had impressive improvements over the six days, the real changes will occur as they build up their magnesium levels and eat the right foods for them.

So I am excited to be able to offer this new angle on chronic illness, alongside the GAPS and other nutritional advice, EFT and other kinesiology techniques I already had available.

Up till the end of January, I’d like to offer initial consultations at a reduced rate, to give more people an opportunity to experience it.

  • One and a half hour sessions, usually $95 ~ SPECIAL $65
  • Two hour sessions, usually $120 ~ SPECIAL $90

The length of the session will depend on what you would like to cover. The two hour would include:

  • Review of your health history and current symptoms
  • A Kinergetics assessment
  • Techniques to get you to a more relaxed state (stress is a big issue in chronic illness)
  • Discussion of some lifestyle modifications

This would only be an initial assessment. To experience the full benefit of the treatment may take several sessions.

Only available to people who can get to my rooms in Kilbirnie, Wellington. (Terms and conditions apply.)

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